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A corner of France tucked away in Milton Keynes

The Alliance Française in Milton Keynes (AFMK) is a locally-registered and locally-run charity which promotes French language and culture by offering French classes and organising cultural events. As an apolitical, non-religious organisation, we are open to everyone.

Situated in the historic Market Square of Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, we run French courses for adults and children of all levels and ages. Classes are available from 9.30 to 21.30, six days a week. With small class sizes of 6 to 8 people, our students get to know each other well and bond with one another.

In the UK we are part of a network of 13 branches across the island, bringing the very best of French language and culture to your community.

Largest French-teaching language organisation

The first Alliance Française was created in Paris in 1883 by a group including the scientist Louis Pasteur and writer Jules Verne. Its main purpose was the teaching of French as a second language, free of religious or political influence. Soon branches started to open around the world.

Now Alliance Française is the largest French language-teaching organisation in the world with more than 850 centres in 137 countries, on all five continents.

Headquartered in Paris, its governing body – Fondation Alliance Française – provides a framework to ensure that all centres worldwidedeliver the same high professional standard of services.


All Alliances Françaises work towards three essential tasks:

Alliances Françaises have shared values which drive the network, acting as the basis for all their actions:

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