Conversation classes


10 week sessions (1.5 hours per week /4 to 10 people per class)

Session 1 : Tues 3rd Oct 17 to Tues 12th Dec 17/ Thurs 5th Oct to 14th Dec 17

Session 2: Tues 9th Jan 18 to Tues 20th Mar 18/ Thurs 11th Jan 18 to 22nd Mar 18

Session 3: Tues 27th Mar 18 to Tues 19th Jun 17/ Thurs 29th Mar 18 to 21st Jun 18

Come and join us in our conversation classes where you will speak at leisure as our classes never exceed 10 students.
The atmosphere is always very welcoming and you will be discussing current affairs but also lighter subjects of interest.

Our class material includes a wide screen LCD TV and access to the internet so your teacher will be regularly using short videos to introduce subject topics.

You can choose between the following two levels:

  • Independent User (intermediate)
  • Proficient User (advanced)
    In addition, for an extra 30 mins added to the usual class duration, you will also have  the opportunity to read a literature book which will be studied in the advanced class (please contact us for more information).
ElementaryWednesday1.00 - 2.30Thursday7.30 - 9.00
Intermediate Thursday1.00 - 2.30Thursday 7.30 - 9.00
AdvanceTuesday1.00 - 2.30Friday7.30 - 9.00
AdvanceThursday10.00 -11.30Friday7.30 - 9.00