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June Exam Delf A2


Let’s be ready for the exam DELF A2 in a studious… but fun and enjoyable atmosphere.


This 7 week course is specially designed to be prepared for the DELF A2 exam.

After 3 weeks, decide if you enroll for June exam cession.


Program summed up


Mock exam

Examination papers


We will focus on the different tests and will go over your difficulties. The main objective is to practice as much as possible in order to be prepared for the exam on the day!

We will work on speaking, writing, reading and listening. 

We will also organise 1:1 oral practice to be comfortable with the face to face exam.

Informations pratiques

Once enrolled, you will be added to an online class on our learning platform : Apolearn (access from our home page).


You can choose to pay in full from the start £100.00 or in two installments of 52.50. If the course does not suit you, you may stop after the 3rd week.


Once a week, you will receive an email with your zoom link.

Online Class

Decide before the 5th of May to enroll.


11-12:30 Thursday on zoom

from 14.28
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