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Join us in one of our group classes: whether you are interested in brushing up your current standard you, planning a stay to a French-speaking country, or looking to explore the language for the first time.

Alliance Française de Milton Keynes will unlock the best of French and French cultures for you.


We offer group lessons at all ability levels, from basic (A1) to independent (B1) and proficient user (C1). All our teachers are highly experienced in creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. Their focus will be on refining your practical language skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. In no time you will become adept in managing various French-language situations.

With a maximum of 10 students per class you will receive a lot of focussed attention from the teacher. Many of our students stay with us for many years, getting to know each other and bonding with each other.

Program summed up

Yearly courses – 30 weeks, 2 hours per week (60 hours)

Course fees:

Payable in full: £540 (£30 discount included)
Payable in 2 instalments:  £285 before 23 September 2019  & £285 before 1 January 2020

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