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14 February 2022 - Blog, Littérature

Participation à la rencontre Stony Words

24th and 25th of January 2022 : two dates about Molière. A conference followed by a reading. some of our students attended those cultural events which promorte litterature. Here is a feedback from one of our student in French. Retour par un étudiant Adrian W. C’est très intéressant car la conférence était liée à la […]

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10 January 2022 - Blog

French Epiphany

Each January in France a deliciously sweet smell invades the country! Every house is contaminated by an invasion! Who is this invader that can be found everywhere?  It’s the galette! What else ?! After the New year, French people are eating “La galette des rois”.  This dessert is usually eaten on the occasion of the […]

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13 December 2021 - Blog

Why sitting for DELF exam?

D … Comme Delf D like December… D like Diploma… D like DELF! Delf ? What is this ? Well, It’s something in relation with a language… and a really rich one… FRENCH ! Firstly, French is a language spoken internationally by more than 2 billions people. Then, French is an asset on the employment […]

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3 May 2020 - Blog

Les sites indispensables du prof de FLE confiné !

Sites Utiles pour l’enseignement à distance. Ce que nous utilisons à l’Alliance Française de Milton Keynes. Sites libres d’accès – Mondolinguo– TV5 Monde – RFI Supports de cours : Bien Dire Un jour une actu Francais Facile Sites pour lequels un compte gratuit est nécessaire.  (notez bien vos mots de passe !) – Culturethèque– L’espace virtuel des […]

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